February 07, 2024

Breaking News….well ground breaking at least. It’s been a long time coming, many years of planning and fundraising came to fruition as the excavation begins for the addition to the Karval Community Building!!

The addition will be used for many purposes. The primary role is temperature controlled storage for the Food Commodity Program for the Karval community members thanks to the many volunteers that show up monthly.

Many organizations and clubs use the building for meetings and events, as well as receptions, baby and wedding showers.

The extra space and ADA compliant restrooms will be a game changer for the community.

The spaciousness of the new addition will be the forefront of hosting many new programs, resources and discoveries for the small community.

The Martell Brothers, M7 Construction, LLC. out of Limon is doing the excavation. The general contractor is Bear Roots Builders of Colorado Inc., out of Karval.

The Karval Community Club, Karval Community Alliance and the Karval Food Pantry would like to thank all of the local donors as well as Eastern Colorado Bank and Mountain View Electric’s Round Up Grant for contributing and being a part of the project.

There are several more phases to go from here as more grants and fundraising will be sought out.

For now, we will celebrate each victory, big and small.

All photos by Shayla McCullough